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NAC (National Aerobic Champions) Measured Intensity

I really had a lot of fun with this video. The moves in this video or a little more complicated (if you are used to basis aerobics). I don't have many tapes with "dancy" aerobics so I am not used to this, but I caught on right away and had a great time. I will stick with this tape when I don't want a really hard workout -- days between strength training -- because it was fun.
But I still got a little bit of a sweat going and had a great time. I was able to "catch on" to the moves because they are repeated just enough times. Each sections builds on another, with moves from all the different "sections" repeated at the end for a complete routine. I didn't catch on to everything the first time, but I feel like I will be able to get them all before long. Anyway, I like this video enough to be willing to try it again to catch on to the moves.

Instructor comments: Having a variety of instructors is fun. I think these pros do an excellent job of teaching the class together. They seem to be having a lot of fun and don't "chat" too much.


Since I really enjoy the NAC Interval Training video, I couldn't pass this one up for $8.99. It is a lower intensity video to be used on an alternate day basis with the Interval Training Workout. Since I work hard when I workout, I did the Interval Training video and then followed with the aerobics section of Measured Intensity and got a full 46 minute aerobic routine. Very good video, perfect after plyometric aerobics or a Kari Great Moves video to extend your aerobic training time. Simple moves, easy to learn, fun, too. I really like Dave the best out of the instructors. Short, but fun, and great to combine with something else.

MaryAnn Parker

This 35-minute workout is wonderful for short days or days where you're not quite up to anything really vigorous. It's intermediate, both in choreography and intensity. As the instructors remind us a couple of times, it's not supposed to be easy, but it's not supposed to be hard, either.

The moves are fun. You keep building on, so you don't get bored. And they don't waste time teaching you really basic things; they assume you know, for example, how to do a cha-cha.

I really like the NAC series, and hope they make some more. I give this an A.

Instructor comments: The 5 instructors are David Dixon, Nikki Helt, Sharon Meredith, Michelle Nevidomsky, and Giselle Roque de Escobar. All are National Aerobic Champions and very good.

Annie S.

This is a great video. The moves are just tough enough to be a challenge, but once you do them a few times, the entire routine is a blast. There are some challenging arms thrown in (the arms in the first section are particularly challenging) and some kickboxing-type moves too, there are pivots, turns, fun stuff. I really didn't feel like I was working that hard, because I was having so much fun (but according to my monitor, I was up there!)

I would recommend this video to those who want a dancy/athletic routine that moves pretty quickly (but not frustratingly so). I also like the fact that it's a short workout, there are some days when I NEED to get in some aerobics, but don't have the time or energy for a long routine.

This video gets an A+

Instructor comments: All of the instructors are great. I like how Dave sings his cues a la Christy Taylor. They have a great rapport with one another. I also appreciate how there are voice-overs cuing you for the next move, especially if the instructors are in the middle of talking to each other (I wish more videos would do this).

Michelle Lambeth

I got this video to use on less intense days, and becuase of its length (about 35 minutes) which makes it useful to tack onto another video, and it really serves both of these purposes well. It is intermediate in both complexity and intensity, with fun moves that border on being dancy without being complex. The format of the video consists of a short warm-up, about 25 minutes of aerobics, which are divided into three different segments, all ending in "take it from the top", and then a short stretch. The moves are all low impact which makes this perfect for days when you want to give your knees a rest. Overall, I would rate this video an A for the purposes which I described above. It is a creative, low impact, fun video that can be done in a limited space. This is also a good video for begin/intermediate exercisers who want more interesting choreography than typical beginner and low impact videos.

Instructor comments: There are five instructors, all of whom are very enthusiastic. The cueing is very good, and they even have some voice over cuing reminding you of what is coming up.



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