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Jump and Jab 2

Mindy Mylrea

I really wish I could like this workout more than I did. I am always happy to have advanced kickboxing workouts of all varieties, but this is one of my least favorite, even less than Jump & Jab 1.

This video comes straight from Mindy's patio, apparently. Just watching her jump around on what seems to be sun-dried brick is painful. At one point I watched a bird in the background, my eyes glazed over from incessant boxer shuffling while Mindy prattled on and on about things like "why is balance important? Because without it you'd fall over."

The first half of the workout bored me almost to tears. She goes over the basic punches and kicks and has you do endless reps of the kicks in slow time--it's not bad for getting in some muscle work in the legs, but man is it boring, and she blathers on with such useless info as "What do you do if you don't have enough room? You make your shuffles smaller." (Duh) Then when you do the choreographed routines, she barely cues you in time for any of it. It's a fun routine, and she doesn't blather as much then, but it's over in about 10 minutes. I skipped the ending jump rope and squats section because at that point the video had hit 45 minutes and enough was enough.

The music, bouncy instrumental with a good beat, unfortunately repeats itself over and over throughout the workout with the same half-dozen chords. Droning on and on--much like Mindy.

I don't mean to sound like I'm totally knocking her. I LOVE most of her workouts, especially her newer and better produced ones (ala CIA ). But this is just not one of her best. The kickboxing routines are great once you finally get to them, but there is just too much faux jumping, boring slow basic kicks, and shuffling in place while she chatters on about your dog Fifi, Cadillacs etc. etc. before it.

Instructor comments: If you like Mindy's chatter, you sure get plenty of it here. Cuing is not the greatest; she often doesn't tell you which leg you're going to be kicking with. It's a tribute to how inherently good she is that although this is by far NOT one of her best video workouts, it's still decent. I'm someone who loves the "newer" Mindy but wasn't crazy about the incessant chatter of her earlier videos. This seems typical of the latter.



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