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Down & Dirty Step

Wow! Don't let the length of this 40-minute step workout fool you. Mindy really packs a punch into it. The choreography is intermediate, but the intensity is advanced. Toward the end, it's almost interval-like. This is just *so* perfect for the days when you don't have much time, but you still want high intensity. Grade A-. I have to give it the "minus" because it uses that music tape that has the gaping hole in it for about 30 seconds or so. That's not Mindy's fault, it's Sara's City Workout's fault! I dearly hope they change that music when their new tapes come out.

Instructor comments: Mindy is so "natural" in front of the camera. You can see that she's really herself, and not modifying her personality to be someone else's notion of "professional." I kind of hate to use that word, because it might imply that I think she's unprofessional, which is about the farthest thing from my mind. She is just so down-to-earth and *real* -- and has a great sense of humor to boot. She even jokes about one of the participants who goes the wrong way a couple of times during the workout (funny joking, not cruel joking!).

Annie S.

Down and Dirty Step is a fast-paced step tape. There aren't a lot of combos, and instead consists mostly of a series of powerful moves across the step, some hop turns, and some runs on top of the step. There's also this T-step type move, but she does it to the side as well as out front. Sort of like a turning lunge off the edge of the step. There are also some walk around moves, that she does with a skip. At the end, she adds some football shuffle moves, and does this quick, lateral move where she switches the back foot and the front foot. As to the production value -- it's pretty low. There are two other exercisers (one male, one female), and they're basically filming in an aerobics studio--you see the light fixtures, brick wall, and everything. The music is fun and fast, regular dance/club music.

My Opinion: I didn't really enjoy this tape. The choreography isn't especially well-put together. It feels like a series of unrelated moves strung together. If you're the type who likes to keep the intensity high and complexity low, then this tape is probably a good choice. If you're someone who likes videos that feel like a carefully, orchestrated "routine," similar to Kari Anderson or Cathe Frederich's style, you might not like this video. Also on form: some of the moves seemed too fast and they don't seem to add to the intensity level. The football shuffle could may help you improve your agility. The other fast foot drill seems to add more "show off" appeal than effectiveness. I think also Mindy is turning her knees and hips inward too much on her lunges. It's probably best to keep your hips straight and your knees forward on those lunges, unless you get plenty of air before landing.

Eulonda Skyles

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