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This is another video that has lower production quality. Think of watching a home movie-it doesn't hinder the workout in the least, but it's not "crisp" picture and sound that you would see with the Firm. The music in this video is by Dynamix, and it's a soundtrack that I've heard in previous CIA's (which I like), BUT the music is not very loud. This makes no difference with the jumping segments, 'cuz you need to jump at your own pace. The workout is comprised of alternating hi/lo aerobics and jump roping segments. She starts simple aerobic moves and adds on a new move with each new segment. Which means you will see the same moves each and every time you go to an aerobic segment. I did not find this boring, 'cuz the whole video is only 40 minutes(which includes warm-up, short cool down and stretch). For a short tape, it packs one hell of a workout. The jump rope segments include moves such as jacks, boxer jumps, lunges...I found myself improve quickly. I would rate this as an A-, 'cuz of the lower production quality and I like a longer workout, but it's still worth the money.

Instructor comments: I really like Mindy a lot. Another "down to Earth" instructor. She talks to you as in a class and gives information at the same time; but, she is not over "talkative", say in relation to Charlene Prickett (I like Charlene also, just using her as a reference point so that others understand my meaning).


I like it! I was unsure for awhile, because I'm not really a jump-roper, but I decided I can get good use from this without a jump rope. The tape is intense even without one, and if you do use one, watch out!

This tape is NOT produced by Sara's City, so it is a little better quality than some of Mindy's other tapes. It's still not "good" quality like Karen Voight or the Firm, but at least you can see Mindy's facial features now! And the music is also *a lot* better.

Speaking of music, Mindy uses the same soundtrack as Franny's high/low in CIA Boston Marathon -- one of my all-time favorites. But the sound is a little on the low side, and I think it would be better if it were turned up a couple of notches.

The workout consists of high/low floor aerobics alternated with jump-roping. It gives you an interval effect, but it's not as hard as Intense Step. On the other hand, since I don't use a rope, maybe it would be just as hard if I did! Mindy and her partner, Buddy Makua, are certainly sweating.

At the beginning of the tape, there is an instructional section where Mindy teaches you how to jump and hold your rope, and also shows several jump-rope moves. She incorporates these moves into the routine. A couple are extremely tough -- for example, there is a lunge-jump that practically has me screaming before it's over.

The aerobics are fairly basic in choreography, but intense enough to keep your heart rate up. The jumping is considered the interval, and the aerobics get you back to a more level state (but still in high-target range).

At the end, she does lateral moves where you move from side to side very quickly. If you have her Jump 'n Jab tape, you've seen some of them. Those are pretty intense, also.

One thing I don't like -- during some of the harder jumps, she doesn't go in time to the music. She says just do your own thing. I know it's harder for them, since they use a rope and I don't, but I still want to go in time to the music. So I just don't look at the TV for those parts, and I try to tune Mindy out if she's counting.

Her partner, Buddy, leads the final stretch. He's very good and seems like he might make a good lead instructor for his own video sometime.

This tape does not include the kicks or boxing moves like Jump 'n Jab does, but of course, this is not a kickboxing tape. If you want more jumping and less kicking/punching, I think this is good. Again, the production quality is on the lower side, but I think it has strengths that make up for it -- for example, the excellent instructional segment, good pointers throughout the workout, and fun music. Grade B+.

Instructor comments: In this video, Mindy is not as "goofy" as she is in some of her others. But she's very friendly and motivating. She gives excellent instruction and pointers for both beginning and advanced jumpers.

Annie S.

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