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Gliding Total Body Sculpting

Mindy Mylrea

Mindy Mylrea leads Gliding Total Body Sculpting and is joined by four others. One shows less intense modifications and one show more intense ones. The set is pleasant and warm, the music is familiar CIA, and the workout is approximately 50 minutes.

Using the discs you move through lower body lunges and squat sequencing. The moves are similar to those on Ultimate Buns & Legs Workout and Fat Burning Cardio, but not so much so that it feels repetitive. The middle part of the workout is more stretches than anything, but then you get to the floor work and you'll be glad you had the stretching.

The abs sequence is tough and again you use the discs, and the ham and bridge work is killer! Mindy includes upper body work as well so this is a total body strength workout. I liked this one a lot and I give it a B+, only because I would have preferred not to have a stretching break in the middle of the workout.


Instructor comments:

January 25, 2006

I have done gliding-type moves in other workouts (eg, Tracie Long's video) and enjoyed them, so I was eager to try Mindy's workouts.

Gliding Total Body Workout is a 54-minute workout targeting the entire body. The 6.5-minute warm-up features side steps with shoulder rolls and squats using the discs. The next part of the workout is 29.5 minutes of standing leg work. The moves are similar to those done in Mindy's other Gliding workouts--eg, squats, single leg lunges, circle lunges, etc.--but for some reason, I enjoyed them more here. A brief standing stretch follows before moving on to the floor work, which begins with an additional 2-minute stretch in a seated position. Next comes 5 minutes of abs work on your back, using the discs both under the heels and under the hands. Following this comes 5 minutes of side-lying work, about 7 minutes of bride and very tough plank work (again using the disks both under the hands and under the feet), and finally, a 4-minute floor stretch. I particularly enjoyed the standing portion of this workout (which actually put me in my target HR zone for over 20 minutes), and I felt more soreness in my legs the next day than I did with the Ultimate Buns & Legs workout. I did find the standing work to be a lot more enjoyable and effective than the floor work, so in the future, I may use the standing portion of this workout only. I definitely recommend this as a good non-weighted full body workout for all levels.

Instructor comments: This was my first exposure to Mindy, and I thought she was fine. She generally offered good mirrored cueing, and she encourages you to go at your own pace. She works out with a class of four, including two modifiers, one showing easier options and the other more advanced.

Beth C (aka toaster)

April 9, 2007

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