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Gliding Set (3 Videos)

Mindy Mylrea

Three workouts are included in this set:

Ultimate Buns & Legs Workout
Total Body Sculpting
Fat Burning Cardio

The sets of each of these workouts is very nice and bright and the music is very motivating.

Ultimate Buns & Legs is a 30 min. workout targeting the buns, hips, inner & outer thighs and legs. This is an excellent lower body workout. I really liked this one alot. It is great to add-on to other strength workouts. This workout is thorough and definitely covers all areas. You will feel this the following day.

Total Body Sculpting is a 50 min. total body workout. I liked this one the least. I prefer doing Cathe for me upper strength work. I just didn't get into the use of the discs for upper body.

Fat Burning Cardio is a 35 min. aerobic circuit that interlaces hi-lo segments with lower body sliding disc movements. I loved this workout also. Great as and add-on or great to do together with the Ultimate Buns & Legs workout.

This is a great set to own along with the discs. Two of the workouts I truly enjoy alot and the discs have been wonderful to workout with. Great for shaking things up in any rotation.

Instructor comments: Mindy is excellent and cues excellent. She is extremely motivating and creative in these workouts.


March 21, 2007

I have done gliding-type moves in other workouts and enjoyed them, so I was eager to try this set. The term Gliding is trademarked by fitness instructor Mindy Mylrea, and this is the original set of 3 workouts on one disk sold via infomercial. The workouts including Ultimate Buns and Legs, Fat Burning Cardio, and Total Body Workout. This set also includes two gliding discs designed for use on carpet (discs for use on smooth flooring are sold elsewhere).

The Ultimate Buns & Legs workout is an approximately 35-minute workout focused on the lower body. It begins with a 6-minute warm-up which includes shoulder rolls, squats (moving side-to-side with discs under the feet), and stretches. About 10 minutes of standing leg work follows: you will do single leg squats, first to either side, then to the rear, and then move into double leg squats. This segment includes a 2-minute stretch before moving to the floor. The floor work includes bridge moves (with the discs under your heels), side and plank work, and finally, some brief back extensions for a total of about 15 minutes. The workout ends with a 4-minute seated stretch which includes twists. Overall, I liked this workout; I felt that it gave me a bit of a cardio effect, and I felt a slight soreness in the backs of my legs the next day.

Fat Burning Cardio is a 37-minute aerobic interval workout which alternates 4-6 minute cardio intervals with 3-minute toning segments using the discs. The workout begins with a 6.5 minute warm-up which includes side steps, hamstring curls, and knee lifts; the warm-up ends with squats and lunges using the discs. The first cardio interval is about 4 minutes and includes marches with a V-step, eventually adding on mambos and small hops (I recognized music from Firm videos here). The first toning segment consists of squats and single leg lunges; the lunges are performed both to the side and to the back, moving from a slow to fast tempo. The next cardio segment is a little longer at about 6 minutes, and it includes side steps with a direction change, adding jumping jacks, lunges with a hop, and heel digs with a hop; my calves were really burning during this segment! In the toning segment which follows, you will do circle lunges (using the disc around one foot and making a circle around the other disk), and slow side squats remaining in a crouched position. The final cardio interval is 5 minutes long and starts with a chasse/lunge combo, adding scoops and jogs. The last gliding segment has more side squats as well as a back-side-back lunge combination. This workout finishes with a 5-minute stretch which targets the hamstrings, thighs, and hip flexors. Again, I felt some soreness from this workout the next day (mainly in my calves), but I was a bit disappointed that my heart rate was only in my target zone for less than 20 minutes.

The final workout in this set is the Total Body Workout, a 54-minute workout targeting the entire body. The 6.5-minute warm-up is similar to the ones above, featuring side steps with shoulder rolls and squats using the disks. The next part of the workout is 29.5 minutes of standing leg work. Again, the moves are similar to those done in the above two workouts--eg, squats, single leg lunges, circle lunges, etc.--but for some reason, I enjoyed them more here. A brief standing stretch follows before moving on to the floor work, which begins with an additional 2-minute stretch in a seated position. Next comes 5 minutes of abs work on your back, using the discs both under the heels and under the hands. Following this comes 5 minutes of side-lying work, about 7 minutes of bride and very tough plank work (again using the disks both under the hands and under the feet), and finally, a 4-minute floor stretch. I particularly enjoyed the standing portion of this workout (which actually put me in my target HR zone for over 20 minutes), and I felt more soreness in my legs the next day than I did with the Ultimate Buns & Legs workout.

Overall, I liked these workouts a lot, and I think getting them together on one DVD is a great deal. I find gliding to be a lot of fun, and use of the discs definitely seems to work my muscles in unique ways (for example, I felt my inner thighs working much more than usual). I would definitely recommend this set to anyone interested in gliding, and I think beginners to more advanced exercisers (I'm high intermediate) could benefit from these workouts.

Instructor comments: This was my first exposure to Mindy, and I thought she was fine. She generally offered good mirrored cueing, and she encourages you to go at your own pace. She works out with a class of four, including two modifiers, one showing easier options and the other more advanced.

Beth C (aka toaster)

April 9, 2007

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