Video Fitness

Gliding Gone Wild!

Mindy Mylrea & Tricia Murphy

Set: A pretty studio with light purple and gray tones.

Music: A nice, sexy beat adds to the sensual atmosphere.

Warmup: Hip sashays side to side and front to back begin. Rib cage right to left and sexy walks around the discs add to the fun. Grand plie with sexy shoulders is next. Tricia then blends everything together in a flowing dance combo.

Workout: Mindy begins with the standing strength combos. Squats with rump touches and slides to the side. (Tricia spices up the moves, say by adding a body roll) Mindy repeats and adds onto each combo. Tricia then takes over with lunges. (Mindy shows how to make it tougher) Tricia then does some plie squats with swaying hips. Mindy follows with faster plie squats and then adds a twist. Mindy then does a sexy deep knee bend with knees moving in and out (Tricia demonstrates the move adding the body roll). Sliding side to side with sexy arms follow. The kitty cat crawl follows (which leads into the floorwork). Tricia leads this combo and adds sensual movements. She adds & repeats, making the combo harder as she goes. Mindy starts the floorwork seated with the discs under her feet. She moves the feet in and out while moving side to side. Fun ab work and glute raises continue. Tricia spices it up by adding a body roll with the glute raises. All the moves are kept sassy and will make you smile. (it's fun watching these two enjoying themselves while working hard) Lots of tough hamstring work, even Tricia states that if this doesn't give you "stripper" hamstrings nothing will! A fun mermaid pose works core, arms and back and stretches you out at the same time. (and this completes the floorwork)

Stretch/cooldown: The stretch segment begins with a pose Tricia calls "shy, not shy". (seated perform a twist with knees to one side, then you'll open up the knees wide before twisting the knees to the other side) She also uses the discs to assist with some of the stretching poses. The workout runs approximately 42 minutes.

Instructor comments: Working together, you'll get a fun workout and add some flair. Tricia does the Urban Strip Tease standing and floor patterns and Mindy demonstrates the strength moves after each pattern.

Denise R


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