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Gliding Fat Burning Cardio

Mindy Mylrea

Mindy leads this gliding workout which run approximately 38 minutes including the stretch. It has the same basic CIA music which was pleasant, and the same fake partly cloudy sky over blue ocean through a window background. The rest of the set is warm and inviting. Mindy is joined by four exercisers, one of whom shows less intense modifications and one of whom shows more intense ones. Mindy is more perky in this than the buns & legs one - you can tell she enjoys cardio!

The warm up is a rehearsal of the moves done in the workout itself, and the workout is three cardio sections which alternate with a gliding section after each one. The cardio sections get progressively more intense and there is some impact, but one exerciser always shows the more grounded version. I was able to do all the impact without a problem. The sections aren't very long and the impact alternates with step touches and other grounded moves.

The cardio includes step touch combos, lots and lots of TIFTing ... by the way ... step to the back then front again moves, mambos, and cute variations on these. There are some jump rope and squat/jack moves, as well as some jogging or running. There is mostly lateral movement but there is some front to back as well. Nothing is too tricky and it's all fun. I was really sweating about 15 minutes into this workout.

When we do the gliding sections they're shorter, and we use the discs on one or both feet, and the pace is often a bit faster keeping the cardio factor going. There are a couple of very tricky balance moves, such as keeping one disc next to the moving foot while you slide that foot around the other disc, so don't be afraid to use a chair or a dowel if you need to. This is mostly a cardio workout but your legs and glutes will feel it too. All you need are the discs - no other equipment.

I didn't think I'd like this one at first but about ten minutes into it I was having a blast!! I give this an A!!


Instructor comments:

January 22, 2006

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