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Gliding and Bender Method of Body Sculpting

Mindy Mylrea and Leslee Bender

The dvd alternates the two instructing much like Gliding Gone Wild with the same kind of banter. I feel it in my abs and hamstrings today. There weren't really any new exercises on it. The warmup is circling alternating legs with the gliding discs, then gliding side to side. It is 37 minutes long with 6 chapters.
The first is roll-up preparation alternating the ball and gliding discs then fusing the two. Then they move on to hamstring bridges with variations. Then obliques lifts and leg swings. Next is table top work pulling legs in and out. From there we go into a brief stretch. I like Mindy and Leslee. However, with all the other gliding dvds I have I feel like this is repetitive. I don't have a Bender Ball. I used the same 10 inch playground ball I use for Iballets. There was a stronger influence from gliding than the ball as it was used mostly for support or to add instability. I do like the length since most of my other gliding dvds are an hour long, I now have a time pressed option. I also got a great ab workout.

This is filmed on the same set as the All About series. So people who complained about lighting and production of those will not like this one.

Instructor comments: I enjoy the banter between the two instructors. Mindy never seems scripted or stiff. She seems to really love what she does and helping others get fit.

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