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Body Bar Power & Grace

Mindy Mylrea

Mindy is joined by Violet Zaki who shows more intense modifications and Keli Roberts who shows less intense in this 55 minute body bar and gliding disc workout. You will need gliding discs and a body bar. Mindy is using a 9# one and Violet is using a #12 one, but you can use anything you're comfortable with.

The set is the gold one in later Body Bar workouts with a few added things on the walls and the music will be familiar. Mindy is perky and animated in this one. The warm up rehearses a lot of the moves used in the workout and it's gentle and flowing. We do sequences of lunges, squats, and other lower body moves using the discs while also doing upper body moves with the body bar. It's controlled, and challenging, and will test your balance at some points. Mindy gives excellent form pointers and plenty of her usual encouragement. The standing part ends with a very tough push-up/plank/moving both feet in while on the discs section, that I was hard-pressed to complete. WHEW!

Then we move to the floor for abs using the discs and body bar, and some very challenging hamstring/bridge work using both body bar and discs. The entire workout is about 55 minutes including the stretch. I loved it!! This one is a keeper and I can see myself doing it often!


Instructor comments:

January 26, 2006

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