Video Fitness

Body Bar Ball Basics

Mindy Mylrea

Warm-up (move the ball from side to side, up/down, and bouncing while either stepping side-side or doing side lunges)
Seated overhead presses using the body bar
Alternate leg raises w/ OH presses
Bicep curls w/ inner thigh ball squeeze
Rows lying face down on ball
Ball roll in/out w/ feet on ball (body bar on pelvis)
Oblique crunch lying sideways on ball (bar optional)
Leg lifts lying sideways on ball (body bar on leg)
Bridges (hip raises) w/ bar across pelvis & shoulder/head on ball (she added alternating leg raises)

Mindy added these during stretch, they're a bit more adv. than I am:
Plank position, moving forward on ball from feet to knees into push-up rolling ball back under feet
Plank position w/ ball under pelvis/thighs, alternating leg to floor and back

I used a 10.5 lb body bar and felt like I got a good w/o in 30 min. Some of the moves where you raise your leg while balancing and lifting the bar were a bit challenging for me. The music was pretty good, translation--nice driving bass. I consider this a nice intermediate w/o. This DVD also has Equanimity by LaShaun Dale, which is really good too. It has a mix&match menu so you can choose from either w/o to customize your own w/o.

Instructor comments: Mindy was a bit chatty toward the end talking about playing ball w/ your kids, dog, etc. It was not much but I guess I see how people could get tired of hearing that.



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