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Ultimate Core

Mindy Mylrea, Mitch Gaylord

“Ultimate Core” is one of the add-on DVDs for Mitch Gaylord’s “Melt it Off!” infomercial med ball set, and is available separately from

In this workout Mitch, a former Olympic gymnast, is joined by Mindy Mylrea. Mitch and Mindy work out in a pleasant studio, decked out with med balls, gymnastic rings and a pommel horse. They are joined by two background exercisers, one of whom demonstrates modifications.

The DVD contains three progressively more challenging 10-minute routines. The first is all-standing; the second is more traditional and performed on the floor; while the third segment, also performed on the floor, comprises functional movements with lots of rotation and twisting.

Mitch is credited as the choreographer for the “Melt it Off!” system, but some moves in this DVD are so reminiscent of the med ball segment of Mindy’s “All About Abs” and her “Medicine Ball Training” workout, I’m sure she had a hand in designing “Ultimate Core”.

“Core Workout 1” works as a warm-up for one or both of the other segments, or as a stand-alone routine. You warm up by tossing the ball from hand to hand at waist height, then raising your arms higher as you keep tossing the ball from hand to hand. Then you circle the ball around your body, then pass the medicine ball under each leg in a figure-eight pattern (it's handy to have a small medicine ball for this). This is followed by standing crunches, rotational movements, woodchops and side-bends using the ball for resistance. This segment ends by holding the med ball overhead as you perform circular and figure-eight patterns with the ball. If you use a heavy enough ball, and engage your core, you will really feel this.

“Core Workout 2” is comprised of more traditional moves such as crunches, bicycles and full sit-ups using the ball for resistance. This segment finishes with side planks with one hand on the med ball, and back extensions using the ball for an extended range of motion.

“Core Workout 3” is the most challenging. It includes Russian twists and long-lever exchanges which even Mindy refers to as “killer”! A welcome respite follows with rotational movements and side planks holding the ball against your waist for added resistance. The intensity ramps up with some of Mindy’s trademark moves — split push-ups with one hand on the ball, push-ups with both hands on the ball, and stabilisation in plank position with both hands on the ball while lifting one leg.

The DVD ends with a brief stretch in which you use the med ball for extended range of motion.

Performed as presented, I would rate “Ultimate Core” at the intermediate/advanced level, although you could still get a great core workout by following Susan, the modifier.

I give “Ultimate Core” 5/5 for workout design and production. Any one segment works as an add-on, or you could do two or three segments for a tough core routine.

Instructor Comments: Mitch has an engaging boy-next-door personality, who has a warm rapport with Mindy. They both give great form pointers throughout, demonstrating their extensive fitness backgrounds.



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