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Strength Attack

Trish Muse


Low Resistance/High Reps
High Resistance/Low Reps
Core with Large Medicine Ball
Functional Stretch
Bonus-Core Attack Express


For reference, Trish includes segments and times so the participant can choose what they want to focus on.

Strength Attack uses various planes of motion to increase functionality. Working through low resistance/high reps and high resistance/low reps will increase both muscular endurance and strength all in one efficient workout. (great for those short on time but still want results)


Keeping it simple, Trish warms up all areas of the body to prepare for the weight segments.

Low Resistance/High Reps:

Using light weight, more reps you'll work on your muscular endurance. Trish performs several compound moves, working multiple muscle groups simultaneously. (plus it increases the calorie expenditure) The pace is quick so light weight is encouraged. (Trish and her background girls really break a sweat in this segmnt) Functional fitness and balance work is incorporated as well for a well rounded program.

High Resistance/Low Reps:

Moving slower and using heavier weights, you'll still work on endurance but with more emphasis on building strength. Trish varies between lower body and upper body moves (which tend to keep the heart rate elevated). For one move, the scapular rotations, I'd suggest using light weights so your form doesn't suffer.

Core Work with Large Med Ball:

Using a large med ball, you'll perform various exercises working all areas of the abdominals (modifications using dumbbells or small squishy med balls are shown). This segment is short but effective.


A well deserved stretch performed to pleasant jazz music concludes this 60 minute total body workout.

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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