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Core Attack

Trish Muse


Elastic Resistance
Small Medicine Ball
Core Attack Express
Functional Stretch


Ranging from 33 minutes all the way to 117 minutes, each mix has the segments included in the premix for reference.

Core attack utilizes 3 different segments with lots of variety (from traditional crunches to pilates inspired moves). You can choose to do one segment or the entire 90 minute workout for maximum core training.


Very basic, however you'll begin to warm up the mid section. (very important before jumping into any of the segments)

Elastic Resistance:

Using the band adds new dimension to the exercises (some moves are similar to the moves performed on a Pilates Reformer). The band helps boost intensity and assure correct form. You can vary the resistance by adjusting the length of the band (holding it shorter to increase tension, holding it out longer to decrease). Trish uses the band in very unique ways. Some moves will actually tone & tighten the legs and glutes along with developing the core. Some moves include: mermaid stretch with band, pilates roll downs, knee drops with band around lower legs, twists, and side oblique lying crunches using band for extra resistance) Those who enjoy pilates will enjoy this segment (plus it's the longest for an additional challenge).

Small Medicine Ball:

Using 2 small, same size, "squishy" med balls, you'll work the core from every angle. Trish does mention if it gets too tough, you can perform the workout without the additional weight. V-sits, twists, toe dips, leg extensions, single arm long lever crunches, side planks with ball rotations, back extensions--lots of variety and multidimensional exercises to work the core hard (and prevent boredom).

Core Attack Express:

No equipment needed, if you are short on time this sequence will fire up the mid section quickly. Trish starts with long lever leg holds and continues through more traditional floor work with some "tweaks" to make the exercises harder. Trish does include some isometric tummy holds and back work in this section. (a strong back is key to a strong core)


An original jazz soundtrack compliments the stretches. Trish begins the segment standing, works through seated stretches and concludes with lying stretches.

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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