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Body Management by Trish Muse

I have hesitated to write a review of this tape because it was such a big disappointment. It is the only tape I have ever pre-ordered and I will never pre-order a tape again!

I am an intermediate exerciser who loves resistance/fitball type workouts. I tried this video once and couldn't finish it because it felt unsafe. I traded it so quickly I can't remember all the moves, so someone else will have to break it down. It is absolutely NOT for beginners and maybe not even for intermediates. She has you sitting on the ball and bending backwards with your arms over your head. The whole point of ball work is to have your back supported by the ball. Some VFers got neck pains from the workout. That is not surprising as very little instruction is given on technique. Especially that you need to place your tongue behind your teeth when your head is unsupported. That activates the short neck flexor muscles to stabilize the neck. ( I learned that from Charlene Prickett and Paul Chek ball tapes.)

Another annoying aspect (and I know from reading the forum that I wasn't the only one bothered by this) was the constant "prenatal" comments and references. Trish is about 5 months pregnant in the video. She doesn't look pregnant on the cover. There is no mention made of this in the Collage catalog either. Well, it is so distracting and is brought up so often this video ought to be called, "Trish Muse Prenatal Body Management".

If you want a good, safe ball tape with proper instruction I would suggest the Paul Check video - "Swiss Ball Exercises for Better Abs, Backs & Buns" . Or Kathy Smith's Shaper Ball. These tapes give modifications for all levels and you can grow with them.

Instructor comments: Trish has a great personality.


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