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Roll Into Fitness

By Mike & Stephanie Morris

This video is available from Spri Products (1-800-222-7774) I'm not sure if it is sold anywhere else. Luckily, Spri will take my copy back. I haven't found very many ball workouts that challenged me. I thought I'd have to splurge, to get one that that was more advanced, through a specialty store. I was wrong. A couple of the exercises did challenge me, but most were very easy. I'm not an advanced exerciser, but I felt that the video seemed beg/int to me, but could be a low intermediate.

The video starts out with Mike Morris talking very condescendingly into the camera. I already bought the tape, I didn't need a pep talk on what the ball could do for me. Then Stephanie begins an eight minute warmup. The background is nothing but bricks! The other video I have made by them (Get On The Ball) was much better. It was filmed out on the beach. I wonder why they changed?

Next is a 30 minute workout. One good thing, once you are in a position, you do another exercise that utilizes the position you are in, rather than moving around to keep all the exerices in catagory. You do ab work, then oblique work, then while you are in the side position, you do some outer thigh leg lifts. I didn't feel them, but the workout flowed nicely. There were also pushups, with the thighs on the ball. Also for upper body there was a back exercise, done in a tricep dip position, except no tricep dips! This video used no other equipment, other than the ball, so it was weak on upper body. I did feel the hamstring work done on the ball, but one good section wasn't enough to make me want to keep it.

I didn't even do the cooldown, and was looking for the number to give Spri a call. I did like Mike & Stephanie's older video, which was mostly upper body with weights, but I didn't like this one. I'm glad Spri is so nice and they're taking it back.

Lorrie Gigler

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