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Yoga Dance Fusion

Patricia Moreno

Okay, I'm not a yoga person, so forgive me if my terminology isn't correct, but I'll try to give you an idea of what this workout is like.

First, I am a total sucker for beautiful scenery (esp. in a yoga workout) and music. That's why I was initially drawn to this DVD. It's filmed in the hills near Santa Barbara overlooking a lake and is gorgeous! I also love the new-agey music that was selected. I only wish there was an audio option to tune out Patricia's instruction so I could enjoy the music on it's own, while I was doing something else.

There are 3 workout selections: a 50 minute workout with Patricia and 4 background people (3 woman and 1 man). Patricia wears a peacock top and black pants, while the other are wearing all black. A 30 minute "Express Workout" that has Patricia with two women in the background. Patricia wears a pink top and the women wear lime green tops. And a 10 minute stretch workout that is Patricia alone (can't remember her outfit).

Now, as to the workout... I only did the full workout and previewed the other 2. All footage is unique to each workout (a big duh, if you read the previous paragraph). The warm-up is the most dance inspired, lots of big arm movements. The workout is more yoga. But I have to describe it as fluid, flowy, stretchy. It's sequenced similar to a cardio workout, in that you learn a sequence of movements, repeat them several times, learn a new sequence, repeat them, then string everything you've learned together.

Sequence one is cat, cow, cobra, child's pose. Sequence two is plank, down dog to split down dog, lunge, twisting lunge, reverse triangle, and a hint of warrior 2. Sequence 3 is a rocking lunge to warrior 3, modified tree pose, and pirformis stretch.

In the end, Patrica flows all three sequences together, first on one side and then on the other. The final stretch was done mostly seated.

The express workout has a sequence of down dog to split down dog, side plank and warrior 1. The second and final sequence is chair to modified tree. Then the two sequences are strung together.

Patricia is constantly talking, giving form pointers and encouragement. There is an occasional "give gratitude" and give a "gentle smile", but nothing flowery or annoying.

Overall, I liked it. It fits me well - that is, a non-yoga person who likes very flowy sequences (beautiful scenery, cool music).

Instructor comments: Patricia instructs constantly, but it's not annoying. She really displays a sense of joy doing the workout. There is an interview where she describes the inspiration to create the workout and she beams with excitement the entire time.


October 1, 2007

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