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Power Workout by Jazzercize

This is a circuit training video. After the warmup, you alternate aerobic and toning segments for 30 minutes. There are three 7-8 minute aerobic segments, each one consisting of 2 short fun dance routines in the Jazzercize style. Judi shares the instructing with her daughter and another instructor. The toning segments use an exertube, not provided with the video. After this 30 minute portion, there is more muscle toning with weights and then abdominals and inner thigh work using wrap around weights on the legs. The tape ends with a stretch routine. The music is pleasant with a bit of a jazzy sound to it. I would rate this as an intermediate tape but there is an exerciser doing a lite version so a beginner could follow her. I think an advanced exerciser could use this video on alternate days. The nicest thing about the video is that it is compact--you get aerobics and toning in 55 minutes and the dance routines are a lot of fun. I bought this video from Collage but it can be ordered from the Jazzercize Company.

Rebecca S

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