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Judi Sheppard Missett's Jazzercise

Music: variety (see below) of songs with vocals
Length: 57 minutes. 7 minute motion warmup, 31 minute aerobics, 13 minute floor aerobics
(buns, abs, and pecs), 6 minute stretch Energy Level: High
Choreography: Easy
Production: Good quality

I fell in love with this tape with the first note and it's one of my favorites, even though I don't like all the music, the energy level is high, and some movements are rough on the knees. Missett always shows low-impact ("light side") alternatives and you can modify, to some extent, your intensity level. Each song starts with a screen cue and a perceived level of intensity indicator. The floor exercises are as "aerobic" as the dancing and some modified pushups are especially challenging. Static stretching occurs only at the end of the tape. Some of the movements in the limbering up and cooldown sequences may be a bit uncomfortable for people with low back problems---but you can modify them. Songs: jazzercise theme song, I Just Called to Say I Love You, Better Be Good To Me, Better Butter Burners, I Feel For You, Wake Me Up Before You Go-go, Neutron Dance, Babay Come Back to me, Just a Gigolo and I Ain't Got Nobody, Material Thangz, Lover Boy, Watcha Gonna Do, Hang on To Your Love, Fallin'.

Diane Danielle

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