Video Fitness

The Jazzercise Funk Workout

with Judi Sheppard Missett & Shanna Missett

Music: Funk Instrumental - very repetitive
Length: 40 minutes. 8 minute motion warmup, 25 minute dance, 5 minute cooldown dance & stretches
Energy Level: Moderate
Production: OK

I don't much like the music. The steps are generally easy to follow, although some of the leg/arm combos threw me as well as one or two of the more complex variations; there's one set of neck snaps that you can't watch and do at the same time, and there's a two-footed forward-moving hop that's a little rough on the knees. You can modify your intensity level. The cueing is good; there are two 6-second pulse rate checks. No floor exercises. I'd probably like it more if I liked the music.

Diane Danielle

I got such a buzz from doing Jazzercise that I couldn't wait to get this video! Let me just say: what a complete buzz kill it was. It just bored me to tears. The music was canned. It wasn't even instrumental versions of the pop songs but some lite jazzy stuff that was too slow for the funky aerobics. As a result, the work out seemed to drag. THe moves were okay, but the flat music seemed to make it all very slow and low energy, and I never got into it. If you're looking for a low impact, funky type workout at low intensity, you might like this one. For the $15 you'll spend, though, most people would spend it better on a couple of live Jazzercise classes, which are a million times more fun.

Instructor comments: Judi deserves a lot of credit for continuously moving with the latest fitness trends. This video is not up to the laugh out loud, let your hair down jammin good time fun of a live class. Judi is fun and upbeat. She is kinda cheesy, though, some of her expressions are dated, for example she says "Hot dog" alot. Her daughter has more contemporary expressions and seems really fun too. They are both nice and cue reasonably well. This workout feels pretty slow, so it is not hard to keep.



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