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Jennifer Mills

I love double step workouts so when I saw that Sara's City Workout had several on sale for $10, I couldn't resist. Figured I couldn't go wrong with Jennifer Mills either. I know people gripe about the production values of Sara's City tapes, but that didn't bother me. The music did cut out at one point, and other than it being quiet and Jennifer having to repeat part of her routine, it was no big deal. I get focused on the workout; the rest doesn't matter. Given that, I though this was a solid double step tape. It starts out kind of slow and Jennifer talks quite a bit about how difficult it is to teach double step and how you have to start slowly. And she does -- very slowly. Throughout the tape, she basically builds up one long combo, which is kind of refreshing. You TIFT a fair amount, but because you are itching to do the double step thing, I didn't really mind. I liked the TIFTing because it made the routine go faster. There are some semi-complicated moves, but mostly it's stuff you know adapted to using two benches. She talks about how you get so much more lateral movement in double stepping so your heart rate goes higher. She's right; I was pleasantly surprised that in the body of the workout, I was well within my THZ. Of course, Jennifer helps that along with a lengthy lunge segment. I thought the routine went pretty quickly once we got past that slow start. One thing I thought was odd was that Jennifer adds in a quick pushup thing that could be done in a traditional step workout and didn't really need to be part of this workout, but it was kind of fun. She concludes with a very thorough stretch as well. I didn't watch the lecture at the end of the tape, except for the very beginning, where she says if this was a gym class, she never would have taught so much choreo in one class. I thought that was funny since I picked it up right away. This is kind of a rambly review, I know, but bottom line is if you like double step, this is a nice one to throw in once in a while. It's not nearly as polished a routine as 9803 but it's definitely worth the $10.

Donna Kahwaty

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