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Target Trouble Zones

Jillian Michaels

I'm reviewing this workout after doing it on Exercise TV about 4 times. Therefore, I can not give comments on chaptering. I plan to purchase the DVD in the future.

Workout breakdown:

5 minute warm up. This is mostly cardio moves with some arm circles. No static stretching.

After the warm up she does 6 circuits, each focusing on a different muscle group. Except for the last circuit, each is done twice. The smaller muscles such as shoulders, triceps, and biceps are worked in combination with the lower body. Don't quote me, but I think each exercise is done for 12 reps.

overhead press with a squat
lateral raise with backward lunges (lunges done one side at a time)
squat with anterior delt raise
The last shoulder exercise has you push your arms forward in a supine position, about chest level. I needed light weights for this.

chest press with crunch
chest fly with double leg raise
bicycle crunches
a side to side crunch wher you touch your inner ankle
push ups

dead lift/hammer curl
concentration curl holding a low squat position
backward lunges with bicep curl
side lunge with bicep curl

tricep kickbacks in squat position
double arm overhead extension
surrenders (I feel this one in my shoulders more than triceps)
crescent lunge while pushing arms backwards, palms faced backward

plank rows
2 plank variations
glute raises, either with one leg crossed over the other, or pointing up
"windshield wipers"-- lying prone, with arms pointing up in a v, you lift both legs and twist towards one arm at a time

side plank
side lying outer thigh lift
side lying inner thigh lift
repeat other side
Then it is down to all fours for leg extensions and side leg extensions


The main body of the workout is 45 minutes.
As my husband commented while I was doing the workout, she really doesn't give you any rest. Like 30 Day Shred, she moves it right along. Still, I never felt the pace was frantic. There is not a lot of equipment involved-- just hand weights and a mat, so you don't have to do much fiddling about. Jillian uses one set of three pound weights for the entire workout. Right, Jillian. I hardly think anyone but the most novice beginner would be challenged by that. I use 3's, 5's, 8's, and 12's. The 12's are just for the plannk rows and a few bicep exercises. Oh yeah, I use my 15 pound kettlebell for the tricep overhead extension. I like kettlebells for that use.
My heart rate stays elevated until I get to the very last section (well, it is still elevated, just not cardio-like elevated)

I had been getting bored with working out. My preference has usually been moderately complex step a la Gay Gasper or Cathe Friedrich. I have always struggled to be consistent with strength. Anyway, my motivation has returned with Jillian's workouts-- specifically her two newest and 30 Day Shred. For some reason it is just the thing I need right now. And, for the first time, I look forward to strength workouts. I guess her strength is pretty aerobic and gives you the same good, sweaty worked out feeling that you get from a cardio workout.

Instructor comments: Jillian is more toned down in this workout-- not as much mugging for the camera as in previous workouts.


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