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Maximize - Full Frontal

Jillian Michaels

This is a little gem. I was gasping for air at the end of the 30 minutes and I'm in pretty decent shape (I can do all the cardio coaches at fairly high settings and full ramp on the elliptical, and I can do most Cathe workouts).

She has some interesting cardio bursty moves with reasonably-tempo'd weight work.

You really get about 28 good minutes of hard work with no rest breaks.

This is one to own, as far as I'm concerned. I did it on a cardio coach day. I could easily see alternating the two maximal workouts every day with cardio coach tacked on for a really good fat burning workout regimen.

Instructor comments: Faux-tough-guy attitude gets weary, but I didn't find her annoying enough to detract from the workout like I do with some other instructors.

She came up with a good workout here, I just wish she'd tone down the attitude.


These two cross-training workouts are part of Jillian's Biggest Winner series. They are both about half an hour each and follow the same format: you do one set of reps each for about ten exercises, repeat the circuit, and then do a new circuit (twice) with some new exercises. Short cool-down, and the end. Each circuit (of the two) takes about 15 minutes.

The time flew by on this one, and I felt like we were constantly working and moving. I do have circuit-style workouts which involve heavier weights though, and on the whole I think I prefer it this way. I started Full Frontal with 5's and had to drop to 3's by the second circuit. Aerobically, that's fine, but I think I prefer *weights* right now! I also preferred the mix if exercises in Full Frontal. Backside seemed to have more jumpy-type stuff, and I am not sure how safe plyo is (for me, anyway) if done while carrying weights.

I enjoy Jillian and like circuit workouts, so I can see myself using this as a breather day as part of a larger rotation, for example I might do two days with a heavier-weights circuit and then two days with this one. But I am not sure I would do a full rotation just with these. I like the instructor and the format, but was not crazy about the day 2 option, and in general I do prefer to use slightly heavier weights.

Instructor comments: Jillian is on the NBC show Biggest Loser and also has a radio show and podcast. There are many venues to check her out before you buy a dvd; her style is distinctive and may not click with everyone, but if you like 'bootcamp' type of stuff, you may enjoy her approach.



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