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The Method: Dynamic Cardio

Lisa Wheeler

Words can't express how MUCH I like this video. I vote for it to go in the Hall of Fame (but I'm not counting on it because Method tapes don't seem to be favorites around here). Too bad because I really enjoyed it. It is just the kind of tape I have been searching for for months.

First of all, it's almost entirely low-impact, and the few moves can be modified. Now it is a Beginner/Intermediate workout, so it's good for those mentioned, or a "light day" for more advanced exercisers. I am Intermediate and had very little trouble with the tape (outside of catching a few of the dancier combinations.) This tape has convinced me to get Dance to Fitness. It's not a funky tape, the moves are very flowing and you get the feeling you're learning a dance that you will be performing. Reminds me of high school...

Both Collage and Peter Pan emailed me and said if I like Dynamic then I will love Dance to Fitness, so for those of you who have and like this tape, I recommend Dynamic Cardio as your next buy. If Method makes any more tapes like this, I am first in line!!!


The first thought that crossed my mind was, "If you like `Step Up to Dance'... Many of the moves are the same as the ones on that tape, except this is just floor aerobics, no step, no ab work at the end. Even the background exercisers and the set are the same. (At least the women are: Lakey Evans and Mariamne, the one someone wrote so disparagingly about in Step Up to Dance. The guys are probably the same too, but I couldn't tell for sure.) There are three aerobic routines with a warm up at the beginning of the tape and a cool-down at the end. Warning: This needs a lot of room. My first time doing this, I had to stop and move furniture out of the way or I could have killed myself. One could probably make the moves smaller to fit, but it may take some of the grace out of the moves. I liked the tape very much. I am not the most graceful person in the world and it took some time for me to get Step Up to Dance. Perhaps because I have that tape, it was fairly easy for me to follow Dynamic Cardio the first time through. It will be challenging fine tuneing things as I am style-deficient. But I do enjoy this tape.

Instructor comments: I like her. She is down to earth and very friendly. She cues very well. She doesn't seem as "New-Agey" as other Method instructors appear to be at times.

Laura B.

I was looking for a low impact floor aerobics tape with interesting choreography. I was also hoping to find one with an aerobic phase more than 35 minutes long. This one fit the bill nicely.

The music is "jazzy aerobic mix" (for lack of a better term). The set is not too busy, something I appreciate.

After a short warm up and dynamic stretch, you move on to three aerobic segments, each one longer than the previous segment. The total time for all three segments is 44 minutes. I think the warm up is 4 minutes and the cool down is about 6 or 7 minutes. The first segment was billed as the least intense, but I really did not detect this. In fact, I found the second section a little less intense.

The moves were more dance based than other videos I own (caveat: I have no dance background). There were releves, chasses, mambos, charlestons, and pivots galore. There were also more athletic moves sprinkled in such as lunges, hamstring curls and v-steps. I would call the choreography moderate complexity. Lisa did not spend too long teaching moves. I liked that.

This is not a tape for intensity junkies. I would rate it beginner/intermediate. It is all low impact. I would say this is a good tape for a beginner who is tired of basic choreography that makes up most beginner tapes. For others, it is a nice tape for a light day.

Roz Chase

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