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Step and Slide

This video is one of the few that I have seen of this type; intervals of step mixed with intervals of slide. This video is also available through Collage Video. I thought this video was a blast. Linda is an awesome instructor, with a very innovative concept. The step sections are challenging, and very complicated. However, after you do the video a couple of times, you will get the moves pretty easily. The stepping sections are longer than the sliding sections. The sliding sections have some cool, different moves in them. Some of the sliding moves I have incorporated into my own at home routine when I practice my sliding in front of the TV.

This video is definetly for the advanced exerciser who wants to try a little bit of variety.

Kathy Lapinski

This isn't a very hard workout, but I love it!! Following a funky step warmup, Linda leads a 42-minute workout consisting of three step and three slide intervals. Each step interval is a different combo made up of familiar steps put together in new and unique ways; for instance, a knee straddle that ends with a pony step, a repeater done half on and half off the step, a pivoting double T-step and much more. Linda gives lots of intensity variations and one person always stays with the low-impact, easy version. The second and third combos are fairly tricky; it took me several tries and rewinds to learn them which is unusual for me. The slide combos, on the other hand, aren’t difficult at all. I’ve only been sliding for a month or so and had no problem with them. There are squats, tap backs, cross-country shuffling and skating moves. Even the cooldown combo is fun and funky. I would rate this as intermediate/advanced; intermediates can start with the modified version and work their way up, while for advanced persons this is more of a "change of pace" workout. They use the CIA 5000 set and some of my favorite music from that series. Grade: A+

Sue Bryant

I bought this tape because I was looking for another slide tape. I've grown tired of those I have and wanted something different. The step sections are somewhat complex but fun. There are a variety of moves that take you all around the bench. The slide sections seem easy after doing 9703 but still are a good workout. They consist of mainly basic sliding back and forth with different arm patterns and sometimes lifting your leg. The last slide section has a cross country ski in it. I would have liked to have this tape before 9703 as I think it would be a good introduction to sliding. I liked the routines, I just didn't like the instructor's loud "Whews and Yeahs"! I give this tape a B.

Instructor comments: Linda seems like a good instructor for the most part but her version of Whooping drove me crazy. She was so obnoxious. She made Cathe's earlier tapes where she whoops seem really sedate! What bugged me was she would say "Whew!" after teaching or trying a new move but it wouldn't be just "Whew" that she would say, it was "Whew,hew,hew,hew"! or "yeah, heah, heah, heah"! She sort of sounded like a goat. This is one where I'm going to have to turn off the volume or turn it way down because it was so annoying!

Joyce Thurman

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