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Comments/Facts about Linda McHugh

  • One of the lead instructors in Jane Fonda's Step and Stretch video
  • Member of the Leadership Council for IDEA: The International Association of Fitness Professionals

Linda is always very creative with her choroeography; Step n Slide is a don't miss video!

Kathy Lapinski

Linda and Jay have a great rapport, and have a lot of fun with the other exercisers. They trade off leading the video, and are very good with cues.

Joni O

Linda McHugh may have too many "oh yeah"s and "looking good"s for some, but for me she’s at the perfect level of perkiness, without overdoing it.

Sue Bryant

Linda and Jay make a good team. Linda is really feisty and energetic. She smiles a lot, puts a lot of groove and personality into even basic moves, and gives motivating encouragement. Jay is a great motivator too, though more soft-spoken and "instructor-like" in his delivery. They make a good team; Linda's chattiness compliments Jay's seriousness.

Eulonda Skyles

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