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Weight Loss Pilates

Kristin McGee

Offering a truly "unique" approach to pilates training, Weight Loss Pilates with Kristin McGee mixes traditional pilates with intervals of fat burning cardio moves and quick toning moves that continue to keep the heart rate up (for an additional cardio affect).

The dvd contains 2, 20 minute workouts. The first workout is more straightforward, focusing on ab/core work and toning. The second workout is slightly more advanced and definitely more active! Kristin adds hops & jumps and even more challenging pilates moves. The dvd also offers several premixes, ranging in times, so you can select the workout option that suits your needs. Also included is a bonus 5 minute abdominal workout. (that's pretty tough!)

Kristin includes a nice long warmup which will prepare you for either workout. It is all done lying on the floor and gently begins to work the core.

Workout 1:
Continueing to warm the body, Kristin performs several rhythmic movements. Knee lifts, zip ups, plies, plyometric jumps and grand plies all get the heart rate up. Next you'll move to the floor and start with a deep C-curve sit up. Then you'll add a climb the rope move. Kristin really works the entire core with traditional pilates focused training. After the intense ab work, you'll take it back up for an additional sequence of "cardio" to get the heart rate back up and burn additional calories. Kristin then goes back to the floor for pilates leg and buttock toning (and more ab work).

Workout 2:
This workout focuses more on the obliques and the back of the body. The cardio blasts begin with pilates jumping jacks. Next you'll stay in a wide plie and work the obliques by moving side to side and then you add punches. Next you'll move into plies then plie jumps. Following that you'll move into jumping jacks and lunges. (you'll repeat sequence several times) Moving onto your knees you'll lean back to work your quads and then you'll add arm movements working the triceps. Kristin also performs several exercises for the back of the body while in a hands & knees position. Side planks into twists are great for the obliques. Lots of variety, this workout really compliments the exercise selections chosen in Workout 1 (making it a great 2 day split routine). Kristin rounds out this session with several sets of pushups.

You'll briefly perform several quick stretches for the lower body, focusing especially on the hips and hip flexors.

Beautiful production, gorgeous set, nice music and extreme creativity make this a truly "different" way to workout.

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