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BendiGirl Yoga

Kristin McGee

Setting: Very bright colors with bean bag chairs and flowered rugs, very girly!! The girls all wear pastel colors and each have a different colored mat. Excellent production quality

Music: Light instrumental rock type music which emphasizes the age group of the girls.


This workout is great for "preteen" girls, ages 10-12.

The warmup consists of a few rounds of basic sun salutations. This prepares the girls for the standing poses.

Standing poses are next. Warrior 1 & 2 are easy to follow as there is no sun salutations in between. This sequence is repeated 3 times. Triangle followed by side angle are the next poses. Again, they are repeated several times before moving on. The last standing pose is a wide leg standing forward bend with a twist to each side to work the waist.

Kristin then lets each girl pick a pose and demonstrate it. There are 6 girls in the class. (in this brief segment the class doesn't follow along, they just watch each girl demonstrate their favorite poses)

Floor work is next. Here is the sequence:

Full straddle forward & over to each leg.

Butterfly stretch

Pigeon & King Pigeon (this is done on one side followed by down dog, then repeated on the other side) sequence done twice


Balance pose

Hydrant pose

Down dog




Then when the class is complete, Kristin has them roll like a ball to relax their spine and then roll up into a standing position.

The girls act professional throughout. (no chatter, unless they are responding to an occassional question from Kristin)

This is a great way for young girls to experience yoga and have fun!

Instructor comments: Kristin is very pleasant and explains things in terms the girls will understand.

Denise R


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