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Rainbeau Mars

Pure sweat is an intense yoga practice which will test your strength, particularly in the lower body. Instructor Rainbeau Mars begins in chair pose, and for the first half of the video, she gradually introduces the poses from sun salutation B--including down dog, plank, push-up pose, and cobra--finally putting all of these poses together in a more flowing series. Next comes a series of standing poses, including warrior 2, side angle warrior, crescent lunge, and chair pose variations. You will also do a balance sequence (includes 3-legged dog pose and leg lifts while in standing forward bend) as well as several standing twists. In addition, short vinyasas from chair to plank to push-up to cobra to down dog are interspersed throughout the practice. At the end of the standing flow series, Rainbeau guides you down to the floor for child's pose and then leads you into a nice relaxation to end the practice at 35 minutes. If you are looking for an intermediate practice to challenge your lower body and leave your thighs burning, Pure Sweat will fit the bill perfectly.

Instructor comments: Has her name suggests, Rainbeau comes across as sort of a young, hippy chick. She is very encouraging and respectful, and she offers excellent mirrored cueing.

Beth C (aka toaster)

December 3, 2004

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