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I recently Purchased Sharon Mann's The Works DVD Series because I was impressed with the thought of all the Workout Combinations and Building my Own Workouts with the new DVD Technology. Im sure that Idea will go far in the Industry. The DVD is actually made up of portions of segments from the In Shape With Sharon Mann TV Series that is now out of production but airs reruns on WTN and Fit TV. So all they did was piece together different parts of her shows. I think that is good, because you don't have to worry about Commercial Interuptions on her TV shows.

I found the Workouts to alright. But I was pretty disappointed about a number of Things.

1. After not working out for a number of months. The only muscles I felt after what I thought would be a difficult work out with Sharon Mann, didn't really affect me much at all. It wasn't a really difficult work out and my muscles weren't sore at all, except for a part of my legs. I am accustomed to full body workouts so two days later I worked out to Tae Bo Advanced and then I really felt like I had a good workout! I seemed to feel every musle in my body afterwards. I definitely had a better Full Body Workout with Tae Bo than with Mann's the Works. So If you're like me and you want a full body work out or a tough work out that really works and tones your muscles then Mann's Videos may not be for you.

2. Mann tends to use a great variety of equipment on the DVD's such as, Balls, Bars, Pilates Rings and other pilates and yoga equipment,she also uses weights, and step equipment. I couldn't help but get the feeling that she tried too hard to prove she could "do it all", or maybe prove that she can do every kind of exercise out there and that she can use every piece of equipment on the Market. I am a firm beliver in Quality not Quanity.

3. She does have three levels on the Video. Low Impact, Medium and Advanced. The Beginner or Low impact are on the Left and don't use equipment(most of the time but not always) Sharon In the Middle usually does the Medium Impact using equipment and those on the Right, High Impact use more advanced techniques on the equipment. Not All Segments use equipment, but many do. So If you don't have any of this equipment The Camera Doesn't always point towards the beginner levels who are not using equipment and so at times you don't know what to do if your aren't using equipment.

4. Further. I found that if I want to have a better workout at the Medium or Advanced Levels then I have go out and spend money on all this equipment just to get a higher impact work out. So I believe you wind up spending a whole lot more money than you planned on spending. So I got more than I barginned for. Its more expensive than it is worth. Unless of course you want to be a jack of all trades and do a little of everything but an expert at none.

I like the DVD Concept, but for the above reasons, I did not find this to be the best workout video series.

Instructor comments: Sharon is Very professional on the Video. She appears to be knowledgable, and has a positive energetic disposition.


October 22, 2004

this set contains 3 dvds -- cardio, pilates/yoga, sculpting.

each dvd is broken down into segments which are really clips taken from Sharon Mann's tv show
('in shape'). typical of clips shows, the transitions between the clips can be a bit choppy and in place of commercials, a screen comes up with a message on it, like 'you can do it' or something like that.

but what is neat about these dvds is that you can pick and choose what segments you want to mix together to make a complete 25 minute workout. you can choose between a certain number of warmups, cooldowns and workout segments. there are also some pre-programmed workouts already made up for you on the discs. if you happen to have a programmeable dvd player which will allow you to pick and choose any titles and chapters that you want, then each disc is especially versatile.

sharon really excels at cardio workouts in my opinion. she has a way of taking simple moves and putting them together quickly so that they are fun and actually accomplish something in a short time.

her strength work is more for functional fitness and please know that the sculpting disc also has cardio on it.
also, sharon doesnt define 'sculpting' strictly as using weights. while there are weighted strength training exercises on the disc, stability ball and core exercises also fall under the same category. the weighted exercises are low weight/high rep, endurance type work.
so if you are looking to buy this disc to get lots of weight training with dumbells then you might be disappointed because there are only a few segments that might meet that criteria.

still, there is alot of variety on the sculpting disc and i do find functional exercises to be unique, interesting and challenging, but i was a bit disappointed in that it wasnt what i thought it would be. i do use the disc, but i seem to prefer sharon's cardio dvd
over this one.

the yoga/pilates dvd seems fine... I havent used it as much as the others.

one of sharons background exercisers is kind of annoying (the manic sharyn, aka 'sparky') but i just dont look at her if she is bugging me or i go ahead and have a good laugh at her if i feel like it.

overall, i like sharon quite a bit... and she makes quite an effort to present her workouts for all fitness levels (two exercisers do basic modifications, sharon does intermediate level, two other exercisers do advanced modifications.

Instructor comments:

Carolyn Visser

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