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Shape Up with Sharon: Kickboxing

Sharon Mann

I would say I am an intermediate exerciser for kickboxing cardio. My favorite kickboxing videos are Cathe and Powerstrike.

I find this workout fairly fun, but I'd only use it for a short day. The warm-up is Tai Chi, which I don't really 'get,'(I have never tried it) but I worked with it anyway. The combos were short and easy to learn. They're modifiable to higher or lower intensity. I modified a few because I'm not used to her kickboxing form and I didn't want to do the twists or 'double punches' that she did. Her cueing is okay, but often late or non-existant (sometimes her background exercisers weren't ready for the change). Still, it was fun for a very short cardio workout.

The second part is about 20 minutes of lower body and core strength. Again, this was something anyone could modify to their level.

I wouldn't expect to get an advanced or high intensity workout from this DVD, but I knew that so it wasn't a problem for me.

Background exercisers include the other Sharon (the bouncy one--at least that's what I consider her), Calabrina, and another woman and man whose names I can't remember right now.

Instructor comments: If you've ever seen the Shape Up with Sharon TV show, you know what to expect. She is peppy, but I don't find her too hard to take. She counts reps in many places, but not as often and endlessly as I find Billy Blanks to be counting.

Karen (Rhae)


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