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SuperBody Boot Camp Firm It!

Tracey Mallett

Shot in Palm Springs in a pretty outside setting on wood flooring/platform.

The chapters are as follows:

Basic Training WarmUp: 6:25
Kick Butt Legs: 10:15
Upper Core Body Burn: 10:25
Target Buns Blast: 15:40
Abs in Training: 10:00
Cooldown/Stretch: 2:00

(actually when doing this, the abs & cooldown/stretch were combined thus making it one chapter for 12:00 minutes)


Tracey starts with walking in place then adds squats to warmup the lower body. Hamstring curls and knee ups are next. Side kicks and rock step front & back follow with a jump rope in between to change sides. Tracey then does some stretches to prepare you for what's to come.


2 slow squats, pulse for 3 then she adds to this combo by doing a side lateral leg lift. 4 steps to each side are next, adding power to work the thighs. Reduce to 2 counts then singles. March in place before going into roundhouse kicks. After doing the kicks to both sides she makes you hold on leg up with the knee bent and just kick the leg out and in. (need lots of balance to hold yourself up but you'll feel it in your thighs) Lunges are next--2 slow, then 1 power lunge to switch legs. Tracey plays with the tempo on this lunge sequence. Next is skaters lunge to the back followed by a front kicks sequence. Traveling side roundhouses pick up the pace following the lunges and kicks. Tracey will stretch your legs out before the next chapter.

Upper Core Body Burn:

Tracey demonstrates exercises that use a rubber resistance tubing. She begins by wrapping tubing around chest and working the anterior deltoid. Various ranges and pulses will add to the burn. Next she'll unwind the tube & work standing flyes followed by arm circles. She then repeats this sequence. Bicep curls standing on the tube are next. Then she'll change the grip and work the shoulders by bringing arms out to the side. Tracey then does one arm overhead extensions, repeats entire set again, this time working opposite tricep. Punches with out band bring the focus to the core. Knee to chest twists work the obliques. Planks are demonstrated next. Full plank, one armed side planks sequence repeats several times before she jumps into pushups.

Bun Blast:

This uses floorwork to blast those buns! Tracey begins on all 4's and brings on knee up to the side preparing for side kicks. Repeat other side, running through this for 2 sets. Leg lift kick outs are next (which bring a bonus burn to the oblique area). Next you'll move to your back and do glute lifts. Tracey demonstrates with one leg in air and you'll push up using the opposite leg to work your glutes. Starfish is next, which is like swimming slowly, then onto squeezing your feet together and raising your knees to work the buttocks (while still on your stomach). Leg push outs with the band are next. Then with legs in the air, band around feet, you'll move the legs in and out to work outer hips and inner thighs. Stretches finish this segment.

Abs in Training:

Leaning back in c-curve, you'll twist side to side to work obliques. Then you'll pull your knee's up, like in boat pose, and twist again side to side. Moving onto elbows leaning back, she does what she calls army kicks. (looks like dead bug pose only faster) Roll down onto mat and prepare for traditional curls. Tracey then has you lift legs and continue with curls. She then adds a dip down with the feet to work the lower abs. Double leg stretch is next. This is followed by side leg lifts with heels together then just use upper body to continue to work side abdominals. Plank pose works entire core region. (she also does some side planks)

Instructor comments:

Denise R


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