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Renew You Sleek & Lean

Tracey Mallett

This video is broken down into 5 segments that can be played seperately or as one continuous workout.

The music is instrumental and not very loud. You've heard it before in other videos (I recognize it from a very early Cathe). There are a few spots in the workout where she doesn't follow the beat - very annoying but short lived.

The set is a beautiful outside scene. It looks like someone's backyard with grass, trees, flowers and a building. The workout is performed on a wood floor. Two background exercisers are present; one is a modifier.

Warm-up: Revitalizing Yoga (7:09). The warm up consists of flowing movements and stretches all done while sitting in a chair. There are side bends, flowing arm movements, body rolls, frog leg movements and hip flexor stretches.

Ballet Bar (14:39). First set is 4 reps followed by 8 pulses of the following moves: plies with feet parallel and on releve, plie in 1st position, plie in 2nd position and one legged plie. Tracey & crew use their chairs as barres so after the moves have been done on one side, they move their chairs to the other side and repeat the sequence. Lots of chair moving in this segment!
Second set is 8 pulses followed by a balance held for 4 counts and consists of the same 4 moves from above.
Third set: passe fold leg in and out, figure 8 with knee.
4th set "Fencing": side lunge then push off lunging leg to balance on standing leg
5th set: Arabesque lifts, attitude.
6th set: Standing side crunches with outer thigh lifts.

Power Yoga (13:00). Includes sun salutations, warrior I, warrior II, side angle (she calls this Triangle), standing forward bend with legs apart.

Abs & Buns (19:47). Floorwork segment that includes bridges, crunches, single leg stretch, breath of fire in hundred position, frog leg movement with crunch, thread the needle (or at least a movement that's similar to it), outer thigh raises, leg circles, side-lying double leg lift, side lying leg beats, mermaid, double pigeon, pretzel variations, teaser, seated forward bend, seated twist stretch.

Upper Body & Back (14:59): Prone position: back extension with flutter kicks, heel beats, arm raises. Childs pose, cat stretch. Pilates push-ups, inverted tabletop, tricep dips, reverse planks, side plank. Stretches: side stretch, triceps, butterfly, straddle.

My overall impression: This is a decent workout. Nothing terribly creative or innovative and for a person who uses barre workouts regularly, I don't think it is particularly difficult. I like some of the segments (power yoga, abs & buns) but I don't think they flow well as a complete workout. This workout reminded me of Breakthru Pilates Plus with Michelle Dozois and Tracy York but I like the barre work better in that program and think it flows better as a complete workout.

Instructor comments: The Renew You videos are my first experience with Tracey. I don't have an especially strong opinion of her. She's certainly not one of my favorites but I don't mind working out with her and found her to be a good cuer. The only thing that irks me is when she says, "HHHHHHEEEEEEEXHALE."

Marina (BalleRina)

9 August 2007

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