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Caribbean Workout Sculpt That Body

Shelley McDonald and Jenn Tilley

Caribbean Workout Sculpt That Body

Shelley McDonald Jenn Tilley

There are 3 shows on this DVD. It also has a short section on meet the hosts. The beginning info on Caribbean Workout can be fast forwarded through.

The first is a kickboxing workout with about 2 1/2 minutes of weights thrown in. Shelley is joined by Joanna and Caroline in this episode. It is on the beach. Shelley does the normal arm movements. She does knee smashes, side steps with different arms movements, elbow strikes,speed bags, and kick combinations. When using the weights she does one leg lifts, squats with weights at the side, rows, and side bends with weights overhead. The stretching part is only one move at the end.

The second is a Chi Ball workout. It is the one you see a shot of in the beginning of all the workouts with the torches. It is done at sunset into night and is really beautiful. Shelley is joined by Caroline and Joanna again. Shelley does squats, curtsies, side lunges, side steps with leg extensions knee lifts,and kickbacks all with different arm movements. She also does V steps with circle arms. There is one series with a more dancy feel. No cool down at all. I used a D shaped 4 pound weight since I don't own a Chi Ball.

The third show is with Jenn Tilley and is pilates. It is also on the beach. There are some scenes when the clouds' shadows make it difficult to see what Shelley and Jenn are doing.It is an abs and back concentration show. Moves include the pendulum, scissors, bridges with leg lifts,reverse plank with leg lifts, teaser,leg circles,plank pushups, and some on the stomach ones with leg kicks. There's no specific cooldown or stretch at the end.

I bought this hoping for weights in all three workouts. It isn't that. I enjoyed all three workouts. I'm not a big pilates fan but these moves were different from the other pilates DVDs I have and it kept my interest. I want a Chi Ball now. This is a DVD I would give as a gift.

Instructor comments: Shelley seems to be taking out a LOT of agression during the kickboxing part, lots of noise, "hah" and "unh" and such. Shelley has trouble doing one move in the third episode but has a good attitude about it. Her black outfit in the third episode makes it hard to see some of the moves on the dark mat.Lighter colors would have been better.



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