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Tony Little

This was an impulse buy at Borders and turned out to be a keeper. I wasn’t sure if Tony would be coaching (a la Cardio Coach Sean). Tony just does a brief introduction at the top and then it is all music. All music by the ORIGINAL artists!

I don’t think I would classify the music as funk, more like club-style, dance stuff. I played it on the way home from the store and had to hop on the elliptical when I got home to try it out. I like it! (But then, I like this style of music. My dream workout would have true funk/Old School music.)

The transitions between songs is smooth and keeps the beat going.

WARM-UP (4:32)
Track 1 - Intro by Tony
Track 2 - “Rock Steady” The Whispers (bpm 117)

BEGINNER (11:53)
Track 3 - “Cantiloop (Flip Fantasia)” US3 (bpm 119)
Track 4 - “Right Here, Right Now” Fatboy Slim (bpm 124)
Track 5 - “Ice Ice Baby” Vanilla Ice (bpm 120)

Track 6 - “Catch Me I’m Falling” Petty Poison (bpm 122)
Track 7 - “Let Me Show You” K Klass (bpm 124)
Track 8 - “Tonight” H-Foundation (bpm 124)

ADVANCED (14:01)
Track 9 - “Jacques Your Body” Les Rhythmes Digitales (bpm 130)
Track 10 - “Move It Like This” Baha Men (bpm 133)
Track 11 - “Open Up Your Mind” (Warp 9 Radio Edit) Eyes Cream(bpm 135)
Track 12 - “Jump (For My Love)” Pointer Sisters (bpm 136)

Track 13 - “Reach” Judy Cheeks (bpm 136)
Track 14 - “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)” Quad City DJ’S (bpm 142)
Track 15 - “Rockafeller Skank” Fatboy Slim (bpm 150)

Track 16 - “Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)” Technotronic (bpm 123)
Track 17 - “Back To Life” Soul II Soul (bpm 104)

How often do you get a cardio CD with ORIGINAL artists?

Instructor comments: Tony has other collections in the Fit Trax Collection. Including “Pop” and “Rock”.



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