Video Fitness


Madeleine Lewis

This is part of Gaiam's "On the Ball" kit for kids which includes an exercise ball, pump and this video.
The video starts with around 3 minutes of introduction, then Madeline leads 4 children through 12 minutes of exercises. She's very creative throughout. She doesn't say, ok let's stretch, she has them roll the ball from one leg to another, paint a rainbow with the ball, be an airplane on the ball, etc. Most of this 12 minutes seems stretching related. After this segment, there is 6 minutes where Madeline and her son demonstrate some of the games a parent and child can play with the ball. Bouncing the ball back and forth while saying the alphabet, having the child run around the parent while the parent counts the number of bounces it takes. Then they demonstate how the parent can help the child complete some more difficult exercises (bridges and sit ups).

I've done this workout 2 times with my 6 year old daughter. It's fun and we both end up laughing. We usually do both segments. The age range they recommend (3-6) seems about right.

Instructor comments: Madeline is great in this video. She's upbeat and appears to be having a good time leading the kids through this workout. Madeline has been an exercise professional for many years - you can find her name in the credits of many (nearly all) of Kathy Smith's videos. I hope Madeline makes more kids workouts. She makes it fun and creative, and gears it to kids without talking down.



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