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Spirit Flow: Rejuvenating Core Stretch

Michelle Lemay

Spirit Flow: Rejuvenating Core Stretch is very similar to Spirit Flow: Alive In Your Body, both by Michelle Lemay. Rejuvenating Core Stretch is 30 minute long and Alive In Your Body is 60 minutes long. In both videos, Michelle is by herself on a rug/mat. The studio background is all sky blue/white. It looks like she's floating in the clouds in the sky. The workout is dance inspired yoga and she follows/demonstrates the stretches in her book called Essential Stretch. It has a very flow-like feel to it and she is really flexible (ie. bird of paradise stretch). The music was weird to me (hard to explain). Sometimes words will float across the screen (ie. breathe; stay within your comfort zone, etc. ).

I didn't care for either one of these and I'm selling these. (I like yoga and I like dance, but not dancy yoga) Michelle took some yoga poses and made it flow-like (ie. in pigeon pose you sway side to side). Both videos were fluid dance stretches. Lots of swaying/rolling side to side and rolling up and down. The videos are both chaptered and there's a bonus (only 2 minutes long) stretch on both videos, which the segment on Michelle's 7 Essential Stress Relievers, where she's wearing a bikini on the sandy beach doing seated side stretches.

Instructor comments: Michelle speaks during the entire workout (she doesn't do voice over). Her voice is soft and sometimes breathy. Sometimes she stretches out her words (I think so that it comes across as calm and " we're in no hurry".

Her top is a little revealing, though.

Mandy H.


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