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Peacefully Powerful

Michelle Lemay

Loved this video! It is basically a 30 minute flowing stretch. It opens with about 3 minutes of "centering" - peaceful, yet simple. Next you go through about 5 minutes of standing poses - very slow, flowing movements bending down through the spine to the floor and back up, but at 32 counts or so. Finally you do about 22 minutes of sitting stretches.

Michelle is on a tan colored mat and the surroundings/background is all blue sky - very peaceful. Music is also extremely peaceful and comforting.

The movements are flowing and I felt absolutely wonderful after I finished. I can't wait to try her other DVD!

This one is chaptered at 1) Centering, 2) Standing, and 3) Sitting poses. You could probably shorten it and just do the standing or part of the sitting if you wanted a shorter stretch, but because of the flowing movements, I'd probably do at least all of the standing (5 min) or sitting (22 min).

Instructor comments: Very gentle spoken, nice calming voice for stretching, soothing.

Jodi (Punky333)

Jan 20, 2005

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