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Jamaica Me S'wet

Note: The following was contributed by someone involved in the production of this video.

Jamaica Me S'wet was set in Jamaica (no kidding). The objective was to provide viewers with a workout program that incorporated a dance element, especially featuring reggae music. Michelle and her support professionals have both dance and fitness backgrounds and credentials -- which should be obvious from the good job they all do teaching and presenting. Gus' segment is especially interesting and creative.

The video has been sold through direct response advertising (mostly on BET; some on ESPN2) and through Collage. Recently, it's reached the (saturated) video market.

Hope you get a chance to see it and others have time to comment.

Instructor comments:

Michelle LeMay is one of the most professional fitness personalities, choreographers and instructors I've had the pleasure produce and direct. She is thorough and right on the money when designing a program.

Kevin R. Weaver

I think of this video as a "puff" piece. It's okay but no big deal. It will give you a beginner's workout, but at first I found it a bit difficult to figure out some steps because the video jumps to and from different scenes unneccessarily. It definitely has an "Island" feel. The ensemble are on a beach and they are outfitted in Jamaican clothes. I'll probably use this video again, but it won't go into my favorites pile.

Instructor comments: She's got lots of energy. Cueing is adequate but not outstanding.

Liz G

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