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Raffermissement, ventre.fesses.cuisses

Echauffement (Warm up): 8 minutes
Musculation (Toning): 30 minutes
Etirements (Stretching): 7 minutes
Niveau (Level): Debutant/Intermediaire (Beginer/Intermediate)

Choregraphie (Choreography): Facile (Basic)

As you can see from the title, this video is in french. It is produced in Quebec, Canada in the NTSC format. (It is the same as in the USA). I have had this video for a few years now, it was recommanded to me by a friend. It is a toning exercise tape that targets abdominals, buttocks and thights. I remenber the first few times I did it, it felt like my legs were on fire!!!

The SET is located in a studio and is pretty basic. There is suspended fabric in the back ground and a few plants. (Budget for decors are not as big as in the USA)

The MUSIC is instrumental. I think it was composed especially fot the video, I don't remenber earing it anywhere else. It is not that good but not that bad... I can't categorize it!

The INSTRUCTOR cues well and does a good job, with the help of two other girls,at showing proper form.

The WARM UP is complete and it prepares you well for what is following.

The TONING segment is definitely working! It starts with a series of squats, followed by lunges and some more squats. (Legs on fire right here!) All of it accompanied by some arm work. Then there is two series of leg and abdominal floor work.

The STRETCHING is as complete as a 7 minutes stetch can be. It is fair.

In conclusion, this is a tape that I recommand to beginner and intermediate trainers, It is not the most up beat video that I have ever done but it is a good lower body toning workout.

Bon entraînnement!

Instructor comments: She is an PE teacher and a certified CAIA (Canadian aerobic instructor's association) and IDEA (International dance exercise association) trainer. She also won a gold medal at the "Crystal light national aerobic championchip".

Josee Daigneault

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