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Creative Combinations

This is a high/low workout with very good music and a lot of neat choreography. There are three sections, but they're not really divided out -- you just kind of leave one and move into the next. The first and third will get your heart rate up there, but the second slows down a little more than I like. During the part where she's walking from one side to the other, I run in order to keep my heart rate up.

I really enjoy this, despite the slower middle section. It's intermediate/advanced, both for intensity and choreography. I think her Slammin' Step is a little better, but this is very good, also. I'll give it an A-.

Instructor comments: Carol is fun and a good instructor. She builds her routines a little at a time, then puts them all together, adding variations here and there. Carol is one of those "fun" teachers. She seems like a friendly, down-to-earth person you'd enjoy hanging out with. I like Carol and hope to see new videos from her. She's friendly, fun, creative, and good at breaking down new moves.

Annie S.

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