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Butt Blaster with Simple Step

Kira Langolf

This workout has an inside setting which is pretty minimal. The entire butt blaster workout is 30 minutes in length.

Warm Up: Kira uses the step, while her assistant doesn't. Very basic moves and stretches are shown.

Butt Blaster Workout: Kira uses heavy weights with the step, other girl demonstrates with light weights and no step. Lunges onto bench (or floor), squats, reverse lunges w/knee up, plie squats with one leg on the bench (then she will add a side leg lift to the plie). After many sets Kira then puts a dumbbell behind her knee and while standing does curls to work hamstrings. A forward kick (without dumbbell) is done in a very controlled fashion to work quadriceps. Kira mixes the exercises up, doing different sequences of them throughout. Kira is alone for the ab work which is basic but works all areas of the abdominals.

Simple Step:
2 very basic 10 minute sequences which are user friendly and easy to follow. The 1st session has the step in horizontal position & the 2nd the step is vertical. Jennifer, her assistant, demonstrates more advanced movements. (no mirror cuing, when she says left it will be your right)

Bonus: Personal training section where Kira slows down the step moves so you'll learn them for the Simple Step workouts.

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