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Band Basics for Body Sculpt

Kira Langolf

The setting on this is outside on the beach. Good camera shots, however sometimes you'll see a person walk by in this one.

Workout 1-Total Body Tone, approx. 45 minutes

Warmup: Very basic, Kira does march in place, step touch, mini squats with different arm movements, heel digs, kicks and some stretches to prepare you for the workout. She does a final set of squats before moving into the next segment.

Workout: Lunges with band under foot followed by overhead press (compound movement) start the workout. Squats with feet wide on band followed by lifts to the side works the outer thighs. Kira then will blend the two movements. Next with band under 1 foot, she'll perform bicep curls with lunges to the front. To add difficulty she'll then add overhead tricep press. Next up is shoulders. She'll wrap the handle around 1 foot, step onto band with other foot and take one arm and lift it out to the side. Then she'll do a leg curl with the foot that has the handle around it. Repeat other side. Kira then steps wide onto tube & does bicep curls then leans forward to do tricep kickbacks. Hammer curls follow, with another set of kickbacks. Step onto tube with 1 leg, opposite leg lunges back. Glute press is next working on all 4's. Wrap tube around foot & push leg out behind you. Then she'll extend the nonworking leg & raise the opposite arm. Turn over and do rows with band wrapped around your feet. She varies this sequence by doing one arm at a time. Seated/lying stretches complete the workout.

Workout 2: Legs and Shoulders and Workout 3: Abs and Arms are the same moves from the main workout (Workout 1) and just sequenced differently to work the body parts mentioned.

Premixes: Using the same exerices again, you can choose one of 3 different 10 minute combo's for when you are short on time.

Instructor comments: Kira uses no music as she says that since peoples tastes differ so much, she felt you could use your own. or

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