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Sweating to Country

Instructor: Christy Lane for Vol. 1 and Meili for Vol. 2
Music: modern country (e.g. Cowboy Sings the Blues, 4-Wheel Drive) with live band
Length: 30 minutes each. 5 minute motion warmup with a little static stretch. 20 minute dance. 5 min floor exercises & stretch
Energy Level: moderate
Choreography:some easy, some more difficult. Hops that are hard on knees.
Production: ok

Volume 1 is led by Christy Lane; Volume 2 by Meili. Both volumes start with intro by exercise expert and demo of basic steps. Both contain some complex routines, but it is easy to find them on the tape because each song has a definite start and end so you can fast forward to practice the routines. Each dance is taught by building up steps into routines. In both volumes, there are places where I can't, even after dozens of plays, follow the pattern (combinations of single and double leg lifts that both instructors seemed to screw up). Both instructors have some kind of bounce in their steps which I can't duplicate but I can, nevertheless, otherwise approximate the steps. You can modify the intensity level to some degree. Both tapes contain 2 pulse checks. The second tape contains a series of turns, some involving single left lifts, that leave me dizzy and off-balance. Country 1 has a single-legged hop that is hard on the knees and twisting steps as you move across the floor that may be difficult on thick carpeting. Volume 1's floor exercises involve side & forward leg lifts; Volume 2's contain arm & stomach work. Volume 2 seems to spend a little more time on the floor and a little less time dancing. Overall, not bad if you enjoy the music.

Diane Danielle

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