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Winning Workout

This is the only exercise video I own. (I did own Crunch Fat Blaster briefly, but gave it away after doing, or rather watching, it once.) The differences between that style of video (very complicated, fast choreography, little instruction on form from instructor) and Winning Workout highlight what I love about WW. WW has a standard warm up, 30 minutes of aerobics, 25 minutes of toning with barbells, and a stretching cool down. The weight lifting section is offered in 3 distinct beginning, intermediate, and advanced versions, meant to be used sequentially, moving up a segment after 4 weeks on the previous.

This is a 1987 video, so it has a dated look to it compared to newer, flashier videos. I don't think this detracts in anyway from the value of the tape. The aerobics can be strenuous (after 6 months with the tape I now wear 2 lb. leg weights throughout and "power up" the appropiate steps). The routine is easy to learn, even for a clutz like me- plenty of repetition and "add on" moves -- but is still interesting enough to keep me going.

The toning section is challenging, and keeps your heart rate up even thought the aerobics are over. Good information about muscle function and proper form, a good variety of major muscle groups (although weak on shoulder and back). The three segments of increasing difficulty provide a realistic, goal-oriented approach to strengthening and shaping muscles- I've seen really great results.

I have done this video 3 - 4 times a week for 6 months. It's real strengths are the fabulous Kathy Smith, and the well-rounded aerobic and strength training workout it offers.

Instructor comments:

This was the first aerobics video I ever saw- and probably the reason I've stuck to a 5-day-a-week regime. I find Kathy Smith interesting and inspiring even the 180th + time I've played the tape.

Katherine Darke I had this video about 15 years ago, and got rid of it to clean out my library. Recently I had a yearning to find it and try it again. I'm glad I did. The aerobics are solidly intermediate and quite fun and varied, and at 30 minutes,its just long enough to keep my attention. The weight work is a little bit short, and doesnt work the glutes or hamstrings enough for my taste, but I usually add on another workout after anyway. Overall I'd give this a B.

Instructor comments: Not really my favorite instructor, but she is quite likeable in this for a change.



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