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Project: You - Yoga Flex

Kathy Smith

This is the yoga routine from the Project You set by Beachbody. I was a bit nervous about this because I never got through Kathy's older yoga tapes, and I am really terrible at stretching. But it turns out this routine was a pleasant surprise. It is only 20 minutes, and I found it very managable. There is a cat/cow sequence, a little bit of plank and down dog and then some seated and standing stretches. I could handle nearly all of them with very minimal modifications.

I am not sure an advanced yoga person would get much out of this very light, very basic routine but I can see myself getting a lot of use from this program. It is just perfect for me and my level.

Instructor comments:



As one might expect from this add-on to the Project: You series, this 20 minute video is straight forward, geared toward the beginner to intermediate exerciser. It brings the stretch benefits of yoga to the overall PY program. No sitars, Sanskrit or moons rising over desert sands.

The beginning is a brief vinyasa from cat/cow into down dog, crescent lunge with modifications and one chatturanga/cobra in between the sets on either side. It also covers some Warrior IIs, triangles, hip openers, forward bends and twists. The music was gentle and there is a brief Shavasana during which she encourages exercisers to release tension from their bodies - more in the physical than spiritual.

I read a post on the BB boards that a person precluded herself from doing BB yoga add-ons for religious reasons. This is a flexibility workout - period.

Instructor comments: Project You is my first experience with Kathy. She is very encouraging and while at times there are some slight miscues, it was forgiveable to me because she is right there working along with the viewer. In this yoga video her voice is kind of muffled from holding certain asanas, I thought it was cute (all my other yoga videos are in perfect studio voice over, Kathy is right down there breathin' with ya).


November 28, 2005

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