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Matrix Power Walk

Kathy Smith

I love this workout! It's very different from my other walking dvds/videos. The workout is chaptered but clicking on 'play all' doesnt' make it flow uninterrupted. It would stop and go to another screen then automaticaly go to the next section. I'm overweigth butn ot totally beginner and this one got my heartrateup with a few added arm movements and jogs. I found this to be a fun workout. the cameroa work would show them on bilboards, moveie screens, setting changes sometimes fvery fast like a flicker/flash. this might bother some but I found it kept the workout interesting. they also wear cowboy hats in some of the scenes and semi-western wear. hard to describe but I wont' do this one daily but will mix it in weekly or monthly(I have a lot of exercise stuff!) the ab work is done standing and some of it is mixed in with the cardio. In the cardio you pretend you're on the face of a clock and she does 12 then 2 & 10 and 3&9 and 4&8 for the moves. some knee lifts and using light weights for the standing abs(arms got a workout too!)

overall I like this one and would say it's similar to a fast paced leslie but mixed with ellen barrett style standing pilates in places. her personality is chatty like leslie and bubbly like Denise Austin a bit.

a nice change of pace from my usual walking dvds.

Instructor comments: excited! a bit hyper and talk-ey. I liked her a lot in this type of workout though.

Susanna Smith


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