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The Method: Precision Yoga

Jennifer Kries

This yoga workout is divided into three sections: 1) Strength and Vitality, 2) Flexibility and Range of Movement, 3) Serenity and Peace of Mind. The cover says they are each 20 minutes, but noticed segment 2 was about 24 minutes and the last was only about 15 guessing. I did actually time the corpse pose at only 2 minutes! This isn't a video you could really throw yourself into, especially to relax with. It is good for gaining some flexiblity, especially in the hamstrings and inner thighs. Oh yes, Jennifer likes to show her bringing her foot behind the head and saying we will be able to eventually with her. NOT!

The first section is mostly sun salutations, but also includes others such as cat & dog. I can't remember very much about this section because I rarely do this one. I'm not a sun salution fan, and this tape doesn't inspire me to get into them. She doesn't mirror the viewer either.

Section 2 I enjoy the most. The poses seem to flow better and I like the order of them. She does some triangle & warrior varations, tree, a leaning standing bend, some forward bends, and a back bend. I've noticed that my videos made by real yoga professionals often include the forward bends after the backbends. Jennifer does the the forward bends first then the back bends and ends with a pose of the dancer (I believe she called it something else) which is a back bend variation. While it did feel good, I just wonder if there is a benefit of the order we are missing out on? The ending credits do not list any yoga advisor & even Denise Austin's Yoga Essential included a name of an advisor in the credits.

The last segment begins with breathing in through one nostril and out the other and switching. I do the breathing parts in my other yoga videos which I do get into, but not this one. However, it is short, so I just breathe on my own. There are some very good spinal twists in this section. She does a counter balance twist after each, which I haven't seen before. This section includes a camel variation, plow and fish pose. If you want to spend more time in corpse pose, you can turn the tape off after she suggests you can spend more time in it than she is going to. After that she spends a long time talking, instead of using the time for relaxation.

The set is a terrace with rose bushes and vines around pillars. It was prettier than the other Method sets produced at the time, but very similar. All in all, it is a good yoga workout. I've mostly stressed the negative points, but I continue to keep this video in my collection because Jennifer does a wide variety of postures and it has a good pace. I'd give it a B-.

Instructor comments: In a way, I wish she softened her voice to blend with the soft music. However, if she did, she'd sound fake so it is for the best that she didn't. To me, she comes off as a bit smug at times. She may not be; this may just be her confidence and how she exudes herself. What did seem odd is she would smile with a big grin, all of a sudden-- as if someone behind the scenes is coaxing her to do so. Perhaps some producer thought it would look better to keep a smile on her face while teaching yoga? These comments were just minor to me really, so if you like Jennifer from previous Method videos, you'll probably like this one also.



This video consists of 3 separate workouts. The first is Strength and Vitality which is a series of sun salutation postures. The second is Flixibility and Range of Movement. This segment is my favorite - I really like the balance postures. The third section is Serenity and Peace of Mind. I don't really consider the third segment a workout - it's more of a relaxation and meditation segment, which I sometimes do before bed. Overall, this is a pretty good video, but I am looking forward to trying other yoga videos.

Instructor comments: I actually do not like this instructor. There's something about her that I object to and I can't quite put my finger on it. Still, her instruction is adequate.



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