Video Fitness

Method 20/20 Precision Abs

Jennifer Kries/Lisa Wheeler

This video is ok---not great. I think the Method just pulls shows from their TV series and slaps on a title--the content not necessarily being what the title says. The segments stop abruptly and include comments like "we'll be back after this." I think the first segment in this tape has minimal ab work, the second more classic Pilates moves.

Fitst segment --20 minutes Jennifer Kries (the set and her outfit are the same as Target Specifics but the workout is different)

Plie series (this is ab work!)
Tendu series (ditto!)
cat/cow stretch
active cat
Pilates mermaid
breathing exercise
The Hundred
Roll ups
cat/cow stretch
Down Dog
Forward bend and variations

Segment 2 --Lisa Wheeler

Sun Breaths
Front plies and ab contractions
side bends
standing spine twist
abdominal curls and pre-roll ups
roll ups
The Hundred
hamstring stretch
leg circles
single and double leg stretch
leg scissors
criss cross
rolling like a ball
the saw
cat/cow stretch
childs pose

There is percussive drum music throughout.

Instructor comments: Jennifer Kries is very descriptive and so elegant and poised. Lisa Wheeler is great also. I like the way she choreographs her workouts, they flow nicely. And she has the greatest haircut!



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