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Comments about Petra Kolber

I don't know a lot about Petra, having never purchased a Reebok video before. She seems competent, and she is not
overly bubbly. Watching her would be a good antidote to a large dose of Denise Austin.

Kathy Diemer

Petra is wonderful! I have read some of the comments on her other videos and I can't belive the bad reviews she got. I think she is very motivational and fun.

Michaelle Rafalko

I bought the Reebok Hi/Lo video with Petra Kolber and liked her so much that I bought this one. She has a very pleasant, outgoing, and friendly personality. Her cueing is good, but her moves are very dancy and it takes a few viewings to get it right.

Cathy Mark

This is a different Kolber than in Dance Step. In this video (Winning Body Workout), Kolber is likable (especially in contrast to the female atheletes Reebok schlepped out), professional and competent.


Contrary to the other comments, I like Petra Kolber-her voice is cool.I hate to admit it, but the reason I bought this tape is because she has short hair(I have short hair and I'm tired of all these women with long hair being the fitness ideal)


Petra is fine, but she's no Gin Miller. I guess Gin isn't doing Reebok videos anymore, but Reebok is worse off for it, in my opinion.

Annie S.

I can't believe that Petra got so many bad reviews for her videos. I bought myself every video of hers and love them all. She has a great personality and possesses excellent instructor skills. Her cueing and break down of choreography are very precise and logical. Moroeover, Petra has a great charisma and outstanding motivational skills. Working out to her videos does not only give you a great aerobic exercise, but it also improves your body & mind connection. You are feeling wonderful after her workouts!

New York City, NY 6/19/01

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